Confession: I re-wrote this About blurb approximately hundred (thousand) times. The poor cursor stutter stepping back and forth as I attempted to answer that age-old, all-consuming, earth-shattering question..."What do people look for in an about page?”

Finally I settled for what I like to see in an about page in a neatly packaged list. How writer-y of me.

3 Things Every About Page Should Have (and this one does, too!)

1. Interests: My big 3 are baking, writing and reading. At least one of those makes it a real treat to visit the Peters household.


2. Work History:  I was an eCommerce copywriter and blog administrator for before I made the work-from-home switch. I love writing from home. I get to spend time with my toddler and get paid while actually using my degree. It’s not perfect (if I’m up against a deadline, you can bet my house looks like a crime scene), but it’s the most fulfilling professional outlet I’ve ever experienced. Since then, I’ve gotten the chance to work with clients on mostly digital projects from a wide variety of industries: think everything from accounting and healthcare to restaurants and essential oils. Check it out!

3. Pictures of Family. You’re Welcome.


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